Weighing and Dispensing 

One of the important stages of production, “Weighing and Dispensing” involves a lot of paperwork.  Warehouse personnel uses different balances to weigh the required materials for production. Then, they manually fill the details into bundles of papers. Thus, it can lead to transcriptional errors. CaliberBRM solves the issues by complete automation of the process. In other words, it makes the whole process error-free, time & cost-effective, and convenient to carry on with a few clicks of buttons.  


1. Batch Size Adjustments:

CaliberBRM offers key features for material planning, weighing, and dispensing. Therefore, based on the Master Bill of Material (BOM), the system has the capability to create flexible batches.  


2. SAP/ERP Integration:

SAP/ERP easily integrates with our highly efficient CaliberBRM software. The tedious manual preparation and data download process from Material Master, Bill of Materials (BOM), material lots, and approved vendors’ lists are replaced with the automatic data download process. The registration and download from SAP to CaliberBRM makes it all work efficiently. Moreover, the download takes place within seconds. Therefore, it ensures complete data transfer leading to an increase in work efficiency.  


3. End-to-end Dispensing:

The application provides an end-to-end dispensing facility. This facility is available from the time of receiving a material requisition to online dispensing with mentioned tolerances. Thus, it is a feature that showcases CaliberBRM’s competency. 


4. Stock Posting:

Stock updation or stock posting in SAP with exact quantities after completion of the batch is so easy. Once the batch production work is completed, the details of the quantities left will automatically update in SAP from CaliberBRM.  


5. Instrument Integration:

CaliberBRM’s highly compatible nature makes instrument integration and connectivity a cakewalk. This software successfully interfaces with the weighing balances of many prominent companies. To name a few, it interfaces with balances measuring 200 g, 220 g, 3.0000 kg, 300 kg, 6.0000 kg, 60 kg, 150 kg, 300 g, 600 g, 320g, of Satorious, Shimadzu, Essae, Electrolab, Mettler Toledo, Radwag, and other reputed companies. 


6. AQF:

Actual Quantity Factor (AQF), an inherent feature of CaliberBRM, makes the calculations of standard quantities of raw materials effortless. It has the capability to calculate with the configured formulas and given variables. Thus, our product performs calculation of assay, purity, loss on drying (LOD) and other material calculations with the given values. AQF also facilitates for the label claim calculations in the system.  


7. Label Management:

One of the tedious tasks in production is a peer to peer tracking and recognition. However, CaliberBRM’s label management process is a simple answer to this complicated question. This feature gives a complete solution with an option to get desired details printed on the label.  It simply configures the details as per the requirement of the user.  


8. Complete Process Control:

If materials moving to the next stage of production without clearance is your major concern, then don’t worry. CaliberBRM has complete control over the production processes. Materials can’t move to the next stage of production until material dispensing and receiving stage clearance is received. Thus, it helps in complete compliance with regulatory norms.  


9. Report Generation: 

CaliberBRM stands out as the most reliable product in the global market. Certainly, for its quick, efficient and completely automated report generation capability. Further, it is completely flexible. It has an in-built feature of filtering reports based on batch, product, initiated dates, and other relevant criteria. Therefore, this high-end feature of the product makes it a great buy.