Weighing and Dispensing

An important stage of batch production, Weighing and Dispensing involves a lot of paperwork.  Warehouse personnel use different balances to weigh materials for production. Then, they manually fill the details on papers. This can give way to transcriptional errors and even manipulation. CaliberBRM solves the issues by completely automating this process. In other words, it makes the entire process error-free, time & cost-effective, and convenient to carry on with just a few clicks.


1. Complete Process Control

With CaliberBRM, materials cannot move to the next stage of production until material dispensing and receiving stage clearance is received. You will thus be in complete compliance with regulatory norms.

2. Batch Size Adjustments

CaliberBRM offers key features for material planning, weighing, and dispensing. With this, based on the Master Bill of Material (BOM), the system can easily create flexible batches.


3. Instrument Integration

CaliberBRM’s highly compatible nature makes instrument integration and connectivity a cakewalk.

The following is the list of instruments and weigh balances easily interface with CaliberBRM.

Instruments and Weigh balances List
Types Company
Check Weigher PAM Pharmaceutical & Allied machinery company Ltd
Digital Caliper Mitutoyo
Disintegration Tester Erweka (Inweka)
IR Moisture Balance Sartorius
Tablet Hardness Tester Erweka
Tablet Combination Tester (Multicheck 5.1) Erweka
In-process Tester Radwag
Weighing Balance (200 g) Radwag
Weighing Balance (220 g) ESSAE (VIBRA)
Weighing Balance (3.0000 Kg) Essae
Weighing Balance (300 kg) Essae
Weighing Balance (6.0000 kg) Essae
Weighing Balance (60 kg) Essae
Weighing Balance (150 kg) Essae
Weighing Balance (300 g) LCGC
Weighing Balance (320 g) Essae



4. Label Management

Peer to peer tracking and recognition is addressed by CaliberBRM with a label management feature. Label management facilitates easy identification of raw materials that pass through different stages of production. The code numbers, chemical name, and other details printed on the labels help in the tracking and recognition process. It simply configures the details as per the requirement of the user and gives desired details printed on the . There is no chance for discrepancies and confusion in raw material usage.


5. AQF

Actual Quantity Factor (AQF), an inherent feature of CaliberBRM, makes the calculations of standard quantities of raw materials effortless. It can calculate with the configured formulae and given variables. CaliberBRM calculates assay, purity, loss on drying (LOD) and other material calculations. AQF also facilitates for the label claim calculations in the system.


6. Report Generation

CaliberBRM’s quick, efficient and completely automated report generation capability makes it stand out. Reports arecompletely flexible and customizable. With an in-built feature of filtering reports based on batch, product, initiated dates, and other relevant criteria, CaliberBRM offers value like no other.

7. SAP/ERP Integration

SAP/ERP can be easily integrated with CaliberBRM. The interfacing and download of data from SAP to CaliberBRM takes place effortlessly. CaliberBRM’s Automatic Data Download Process replaces the tedious manual preparation and data download process from Material Master, Bill of Materials (BOM), material lots, and approved vendors’ lists. It ensures complete data transfer leading to an increase in work efficiency.

8. End-to-end Dispensing  

CaliberBRM offers end-to-end dispensing functionality. Right from the time of receiving a material requisition to online dispensing with mentioned tolerances, everything can be easily documented.


9. Stock Posting

Updating or posting stock quantity in SAP with exact quantities after completion of the batch is made so simple. Once batch production is complete, the stock quantities left automatically gets updated in SAP from CaliberBRM.