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Water Monitoring Module

One of the five basic elements of nature, water plays a predominant role in the sustenance of life on planet Earth. Can we imagine our lives without water? From times immemorial, water has been used for different purposes and at different stages of human life. The water which was predominantly used for agriculture and living purposes in olden days is now used for various purposes like manufacturing, cleansing, etc. across the globe. In other words, there is no business sector where water is not used for some specific purpose.

How is water used in the pharma sector?

Water plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry. It is widely used in the manufacturing sector as raw material, as an ingredient and sometimes as a final product. Water is also used as a cleanser for rinsing equipment or the preparation of disinfectants and detergents. When water dons such an important role in the pharma sector and becomes an unavoidable element of the production, care must be taken that the quality of water being used is superior.

What is water monitoring and why is it important?

Water that is used in production units or manufacturing units of the pharma companies pass through stringent tests as per the guidelines laid by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The reason for such scrutiny is that if the water that is used as raw material, ingredient or a final product is not of good standards, the ultimate product gets affected leading to the pharma company’s loss. Therefore, water monitoring is essential. Water monitoring is like sample management wherein the water quality is regularly tested using different mechanism and materials. It helps to analyze water stability or issues at regular intervals of time.

How does CaliberLIMS Water Monitoring Module help customers?

CaliberLIMS is offering a Water Monitoring Module that helps in the automation of the water monitoring schedule process. It will help in fixing the number of intervals at which water monitoring should be done by the relevant analysts. The module automatically sets off alerts that help the concerned authorities or analysts to perform necessary tests to the water samples and determine if the water is in usable condition as raw material, ingredient or final product in the production process.

CaliberLIMS Water Monitoring Module helps in the registration of sampling locations, schedules creation for auto sample login received, submission of the analysis data, evaluation of results as per pre-defined specifications, and creation of reports and trends for further scrutiny and analysis. Thus, by doing so, CaliberLIMS Water Monitoring Module will help the customers in reducing operational costs by eliminating manual steps and ensuring regulatory compliance. It, in turn, will lead to optimizing the process and controlling the quality of the water used. It also helps in viewing the real-time data. The automated process through the Water Monitoring Module facilitates the analysists to find the quality, report on time and make immediate and essential decisions to avoid any kind of losses arising out of such activity.