Do you skim through bundles of records to identify corresponding glassware certificate during audit? It is a difficult task. We understand the issues faced by QA in manually maintaining all the lab details in the pharmaceutical industries.

CaliberLIMS is the World’s 1st LIMS that comes with a traceable glassware module. This LIMS module can easily register, document, and trace the glassware used in a laboratory through a simple QR code scan. It makes documentation of glassware in the lab an easy and error-free process. Monitoring lab experiments have become easier and more efficient with the help of traceable glassware module. 

Glassco’s Scannable QR-LabGlass Smart Flask

With its uniquely etched QR code, Glassco’s QR-LabGlass Smart Flask is the world’s first traceable glassware. Its premium quality material with lifetime embossed identity helps in ensuring compliance when in collaboration with a robust quality system like CaliberLIMS. When a scannable QR-LabGlass Smart Flask and a dynamic quality system like CaliberLIMS come together, digitalization of laboratories is simple. 

Effective System for QC

Life is made simple for QC by using CaliberLIMS. It helps QC find details about glassware type, registration, lot, lot acceptance, issuance, usage, and breakage. There are many benefits to be gained using scannable QR-LabGlass Smart Flask along with CaliberLIMS Glassware Module.

1. Traceability of Lot Details

Classification and identification of the various laboratory glassware with their names, code numbers, grade, and minimum quantities is possible. The dynamic tool facilitates inventory control. CaliberLIMS allots a unique number for individual lots. The stock automatically gets updated when a new lot gets entered into the records. 

2. Traceability of Certification 

CaliberLIMS Glassware Module resolves the traceability of certification problem. Users can simply scan the QR code on the glassware and get the specific certificate in the LIMS software anytime quickly. The certificates can be downloaded, printed, and used for audit, analysis, etc.

3. Compliance
4. Traceability of Usage 

The glassware module proactively tracks the purpose and number of times each QR-LabGlass is used. You can trace immediately and get the usage details for audit. 

5. Alerts on Incorrect Glassware Usage

CaliberLIMS enables you to pick and use the right glassware of a specific volume. In case incorrect glassware is picked up, a system alert pops up and ensures controlled usage of the right volumetric flask. It applies to all types of glassware in the lab, such as

  • Scale tubes
  • Pipettes
  • Measuring cylinders
  • Burettes
  • Thermometers
  • Test tubes
  • Flasks
  • Beakers
  • Conical flasks
  • Funnels
  • Droppers
  • Glass rods, and more
6. Inventory Maintenance

CaliberLIMS Glassware Module is a web-based solution designed to maintain inventory reports. Any Breakage, overuse, low stock, etc.  will immediately trigger an alert. This way, inventory can be completely controlled, and the stock can be replenished on time.


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Why get the scannable glassware module?

Efficiently track and manage your laboratory glassware by just scanning the QR scanning code


Scannable QR -LabGlass Smart Flask  provides complete details of the glassware such as glassware type, registration,  lot acceptance, issuance, usage, and breakage.

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