Pick and Choose Integrated Modules

CaliberQAMS is one application that easily adapts to the existing Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS) process followed in the organization.  It further assists in improving the processes. The organization can pick and choose the integrated modules as per their requirements.

According to the organizational structure, Caliber offers three editions of CaliberQAMS system 

  • Foundation
  • Standard
  • Enterprise

1. Foundation

Under Foundation edition of CaliberQAMS, a user can implement pre-configured processes such as change control, deviation, CAPA, market complaints and internal, vendor, and external audit management processes.

2. Standard

Processes can be configured as per the requirement of the pharma companies under this edition. New forms and processes can be created as per need. The application makes the process of quality management for QA easy by providing configurable reports and analytics. Single plant operations can be carried out most effectively with Standard edition of CaliberQAMS.

3. Enterprise

Pharma companies with multiple units and corporate quality systems opt for enterprise edition. Under this edition of CaliberQAMS, configurable framework to design own forms and processes, create workflows and business rules, reports, etc. is possible. It easily integrates with enterprise systems.