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Easy Way to Deal with Manual Training Schedule Preparation

A leading pharmaceutical company, which has huge production and many departments, was facing problem with the training schedule management, manual coordination, reminder management, and training audit report management.

Challenges Faced:

1. Manual schedule preparation, reviewal, and approval of training were time-consuming and involved a lot of effort on the coordinator part.

2. Reminders had to be sent to the coordinators regarding all the scheduled and upcoming training, and they had to keep track of all the training.

3. Audit reports post planned and actual training were to be made manually. Comparison for the same was time-consuming and effort oriented.

4. Tracking of revisions was quite problematic.



Nichelon5 CMS was implemented after a thorough requirement study based on GDP practice.
Complete training schedule management, biometric attendance, and self-study course were automated.


1. Manual schedule preparation, reviewal, and approval of training was completely automated which helped in saving time and effort.

2. Pop-ups will appear to help the coordinator be on the track regarding all the trainings that are happening and are bound to happen in a calendar year which helps in saving time.

3. Audit report creation post-training is automatically done.

4. Tracking of revisions in the procedure and target groups can be identified and brought into effect easily.

5. The paperwork involved in the training schedule management came down to 60-70%.

6. Master plan is prepared once and followed every year by making slight changes if required.