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Biometric Attendance – A Solution for Manual Errors in Attendance Sheet

Our client, a leading pharmaceutical company with various departments and many plants established across the country, was facing the problem with maintenance of employee attendance sheets manually.


Challenges Faced:

• Human error such as entering an incorrect person as present in the attendance sheet leads to many data integrity issues.

• Manual printing of the attendance sheet increases the burden, paperwork, and caused maintenance issues.

• The activity of getting signatures, etc. to mark the attendance of the trainees post-training involved a lot of time and effort.



Nichelon5 CMS was implemented after making a thorough requirement study, based on GDP practice.
The product implementation automated complete training schedule management, biometric attendance, and self-study courses.



Automation of the attendance process by introducing biometric attendance helps in decreasing human errors.

• No paperwork involved helps in reducing burden and maintenance issues.

• Reduction in trainer efforts and time in procuring signature from trainees post-training.

• Automation helps in proper maintenance of records and in turn reduction in time consumed for the same.