eLogbook (Electronic Logbook)

Caliber’s eLogbook (Electronic Logbook) easily automates manufacturing logbooks. Entries made in the eLog are real-time and ensures review, verification, and approvals on time. It facilitates audit trail too.


1. Area and Equipment Usage Tracking

eLogbook helps in tracking the operational and non-operational usage of area and equipment. Equipment interfacing aids in real-time entries when operational logbook entries are made. It even makes exceptional approval possible by automatically triggering alerts to the reviewer.


2. Configure Any Type of Logbook

In manufacturing companies, many types of logbooks are extensively used. Caliber’s eLogbook helps in configuration of the following logbooks.

Equipment Usage LogbookTraining Material Issuance Logbook
HPLC Usage LogbookIssuance and Retrieval Logbook
Air Compressor Monitoring LogbookIPQC Logbook/Report
Purified Water Distribution LogbookEquipment Service Logbook/Report
Sample Registration LogbookCalibration Schedule Report
Sample Management LogbookPacking Material Logbook
Working Standards LogbookCalibration Report
Stability Protocol LogbookYield Report
Reference Standard Usage Logbook



3. Version Control

With eLogbook feature, version control can be achieved very easily. The system does not allow any production team member to use the old versions of logbooks once the new versions are introduced. Older versions are made obsolete and proper version control is exercised.


4. Maintenance, Plan, Schedule and Online Execution

The eLog scheduler can help in scheduling the maintenance task execution alerts. Whenever there is calibration, preventive maintenance will be executed. The system will not let members to perform operational transactions. It thus, makes the calibration schedule, preventive maintenance and breakdown in service details configurable. Complete maintenance of the equipment can be executed online.


5. Calibration Control

Manual preparation of logbook doesn’t extend complete control on the calibration schedule. eLogbook feature does not allow the user to perform operational transactions using the equipment or machine without proper calibration. It automatically triggers an alert to follow the calibration schedule.


6. Checklist

E-checklist is a special feature of Caliber’s eLogbook. It is also known as automated checklist and paper on glass.  The E-checklist appears exactly like a paper checklist, and thus, carries the name. The users can understand its usage very easily due to its appearance. Checklists can be configured as per need.


7. Reporting Configuration Engine

A user can configure any type of reports as per requirement, further including actions like

  • Add filters
  • Down to PDF
  • Export to excel


8. Equipment and Utility Mapping to Area

eLogbook helps in mapping equipment and utilities of a specific area of production. Users can cross-check the availability of the mapped equipment and ancillary items like mops, drain points, etc. They can use the equipment and ancillary items accordingly during the production process. In case of non-availability, the users will get alerts. Production or relevant process is scheduled as per availability.


9. Tablet Compatibility

The eLogbook is completely compatible with Windows OS based and tablets. The production team members can use eLog compatible tablets and other appliances on the spot to make entries and reviews.