To go through volumes of data for decision-making is to risk overlooking important data. When data is represented visually, it is easier to identify focus areas and outliers. Combined with real-time updates, decision-making becomes more accurate and on-time. CaliberDashboards software presents complex metrics in a readable and visual format.  Data-driven decisions can be taken based on the charts, graphs, and cards.

Dashboards track, analyse, and display key performance indicators (KPI) and key data points to monitor the status of department or specific processes. CaliberDashboards displays data in the form of tables, line charts, bar charts in real-time. It eliminates hours of analysis and a long line of communication to get to the data.

Seamless Interfacing with Data Sources

With CaliberDashboards, you can collate data from various data sources. It seamlessly interfaces with applications tracking the Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing processes. This dashboard acts as a central location to monitor and analyse updates. It is the most efficient way to track multiple data sources. CaliberDashboards also gives holistic insights on quality objectives by making information readily available as per need. It supports important decisions and enables the user to create a customized, detailed, fact-based view of actionable items and performance.

Simple and Customizable Dashboards

Digital dashboards can be customized and displayed at multiple locations or departments on multiple devices and screens using CaliberDashboards.

Dashboards can be adapted to any device based on the need. A few examples are –

  • KPIs pertaining to QC like instrument calibration due date list, blocked instruments for usage list, etc can be displayed to the entire team in a common area. CaliberDashboards can be configured to display these KPIs on a display monitor.
  • KPIs at the executive level have more insights on monthly or quarterly lab performance or on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) times of the samples, analyst performance, and load for the manager. These dashboards can be configured on respective workstations or tablets or mobile phones as per need.

Real-Time Data Updates and Display

Real-time data updates and data visualizations enable QA, QC heads to access data immediately.  CaliberDashboards updates data in real-time and displayed to different users as desired.

Having CaliberDashboards means constant access to the most recent data. These dashboards can be accessed from almost any data source, seamlessly extracting and combining data from multiple sources. This brings in the required high-level information and puts everything in the form of actionable insights for better decision-making.

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