Customized Workflows

Workflows are customizable under CaliberQAMS as per the organization’s requirement.

1. Highly Configurable Workflows with Multiple Types of Tasks

CaliberQAMS provides highly configurable workflows with multiple types of tasks. These configurable workflows make the QA processes smooth. Customizable flowcharts help QA to configure the process flowcharts according to their SOPS. The following are some of the multiple types of tasks.

1. Action plan tasks

    • Documentation
    • Stability Study
    • Validation
    • Qualification
    • Software Related
    • Risk Management
    • Training
    • Testing
    • Variation Approval
    • Dossier Submission
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Calibration
    • Area
    • Utility
    • Other Action
    • Corrective Action
    • Preventive Action
    • Extended Investigation

2. Login tasks

3. Closure tasks

4. Cross Functional Team (CFT) Tasks, etc.

2. Highly Configurable Workflows with Many Controls

CaliberQAMS enables QA to make effective changes in the process using many available controls. It ensures compliance. The following are some of the controls exercised.

  1. Text boxes
  2. Reference control list
  3. Checkbox list for multiple selections
  4. Radio buttons, etc.