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Dealing with Cumbersome Manual Tracking of Training Courses

One of the leading global companies, our client, with impressive turnover and many plants across the country, was facing problem with training coordination and post-training evaluation management of various training courses.


Challenges Faced:

1. Manual tracking and planning of the mandatory document readings was a cumbersome exercise.

2. Tracking of self-interested training was time-consuming and required a lot of effort from the training coordinator.

3. Manual planning and preparation of other relevant document readings by the training coordinator was also time-consuming.

4. Evaluation of the training after document readings in case of mandatory as well as optional training was a herculean task for the training coordinator.



Nichelon5 CMS was implemented after a thorough requirement study was done based on GDP practice.
Complete training schedule management, biometric attendance, and self-study courses were automated.


1. The automation of mandatory and self-interested training as per the client requirement is done that helps in reducing the training coordinator’s effort.

2. Tracking of self-interested training by the coordinator doesn’t involve much time and effort now.

3. Periodic refresher training can be automated without the intervention of the training coordinator.

4. Evaluation of the mandatory training after reading the documents is automated that helps in saving time and effort.