Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA) taken at the right time makes businesses more productive.  Different functionalities of CaliberQAMS discussed below make the work of QA simple.

1. CAPA Tracking

All CAPAs can be automatically tracked in CaliberQAMS as soon as they are registered. Provision will be available to propose and execute the CAPA like deviation, market complaint and audits within parent module. Standalone CAPA module of CaliberQAMS helps in executing different CAPAs raised across the site. QA  can get all the information by a few simple clicks.

2. Dashboard for QA Personnel

CaliberQAMS comes equipped with a dashboard that gives the exact number and status of CAPAs raised in a single plant or across the plants of a company. The QA will be able to track and find the status of the CAPA raised using the dashboard.

3. CAPA Status

CaliberQAMS tracks the status of CAPA to find the closure dates.  It facilitates automatic generation of monitoring plans as per schedule. It also helps in tracking the execution status of generated monitoring plans. QA can track all the proposed CAPAs and take appropriate action on them.

4. Pendency Dashboard

Pendency dashboard appears on the QA’s monitor screen. It also appears on the screen of the user whose task is pending.  It provides details of all the pending items on the user’s home screen of the CaliberQAMS application. By simply logging into the system, the user and QA can find all the pendency details.