Compatibility with ERP & Instruments

CaliberLIMS easily interfaces with all types of instruments. The compatibility with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and instruments is high.

1. Hybrid Model

CaliberLIMS interface engine EDAP (External Data Aggregation Processor) uses hybrid technology for connecting and recognizing the system whereabouts and uses secure and safer method to transfer the data. This hybrid model enables the process of identifying the geographical location of an instrument.


2. Management of Data

Vast amounts of data from various laboratory instruments get pooled in the application. The CaliberLIMS instrument interface functionality helps in management of such data effortlessly.


3. Port-Based Instruments

CaliberLIMS interfaces with port-based instruments via standard RS232 port. Instruments like balances, PH meters, conductivity meters can be interfaced using this port. These instruments perform single reading or multiple readings at a time but provide single result. Due to interfacing of port-based instruments, such readings get automatically updated in the application in real-time. There will be no chance for discrepancies and transcriptional errors.


4. File-Based Instruments

These instruments generate file output and are unidirectionally interfaced. After completion of the analysis, the results are mapped against the respective samples in LIMS. Instruments such as spectrophotometer, FT-IR, atomic absorbance spectrometer are some commonly interfaced file-based instruments.


5. CDS – Chromatography Data Sytems

CaliberLIMS with CDS software interfaces with all CDS type instruments. There will be no change in CDS system. With creation of interface custom fields, instrument interfacing can be done conveniently. Post analysis, the result set data will be mapped to LIMS. Individual CDS user credentials are used for data transfer. All the transactions have audit trail in CDS system which helps in achieving compliance as per 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.


6. ERP Integration

CaliberLIMS can integrate with ERP System for seamless operation between ERP and LIMS. This integration helps in analyzing sample inspection requests, sampling and final report transfer, stock status, etc. It also helps in auto-trigger of inspection lots in case of interface enabled products/ materials. Sample login and analysis of downloaded inspection lots is possible based on the details provided in the test plan created in LIMS masters. CaliberLIMS further helps in generating A.R. number after sample login as per the system defined format. Thus, CaliberLIMS successfully integrates with any ERP system.