Seamless Integration with Other Systems

CaliberQAMS integrates seamlessly with other applications. It can easily integrate with applications like SAP/ERP, Document Management Systems (DMS), and training management systems apart from Caliber products. 

1. Batch Release Control

CaliberQAMS facilitates integration with automated applications like ERP, BRM, etc. for exercising complete batch release control. It provides this control to QA. In case any deviation or Out of Specification (OOS) issues occur, the application highlights the issue. QA can stop the batch release. The initiator initiates CAPA for deviations in the system directly. Once QA accepts the deviations and finds it satisfactory, he releases the batch.  Thus, QA exercises complete control on batch release of products.

2. Integrates with DMS and CMS

CaliberQAMS easily integrates with internal and external DMS and CMS systems, if API is provided. The SOPs can then be directly saved in integrated DMS system. When initiator initiates a change or deviation in CaliberQAMS, a task will be raised for preparation or revision cycle in CaliberDMS. It helps in finding the reasons for deviation too.

Integration with CMS helps in identifying the training requirement. Once the training is completed, QA approves and makes the SOP effective.