Connect to Any Source System

CaliberAPQR can Connect to Any Source System. It can extract data from large complex data source systems of departments like Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, ERP, or excel.

1. Makes Organized Data Available from Multiple Sources
CaliberAPQR uses inhouse developed APIs and adaptors to extract data from source systems into the report. The source data may be from the Caliber Product Suite, any other product with a database, or excel spreadsheets. The data is cleaned and organized in a data warehouse to provide data for reporting, analysis purposes, and crucial decision-making analytics.

2. Audit Trail with Date and Time Stamp
CaliberAPQR’s architecture can take care of multiple databases and applications. The code has built-in Caliber Object Model. It takes care of the audit trail of every pull from the source system with date and time stamp, and thus, maintains the data integrity.

 3. Captures Data of All Departments
Quality Control, Quality Assurance, manufacturing departments maintain the following data/ data information in excel sheets or manual books or applications like LIMS, QMS, EMS, SAP, or ERP. APQR captures all such data about all batches in the review period.
Product details Review of manufacturing related Information Critical process parameters
Batch yield at various manufacturing stages Batch reprocessing / reworking Review of critical quality parameters
Review of Finished product testing results Out of Specification Results Review of Events
Review of Changes Review of market complaints Review of control Samples
Review of Recall and Returns Review of Stability Data Review of Validation and qualification status
Review of Post marketing commitments Review of Technical agreement Statistical evaluation of Data

4. Data ingestion from Excel Sheets
In the absence of systems like LIMS, QMS or SAP, the data is stored in the excel sheets. Companies may use different formats to ease work. Some companies implement systems like LIMS, SAP, QMS, but data like batch records are maintained in excel sheets.

CaliberAPQR can ingest data from excel sheets irrespective of the formats be it simple worksheet or sheets with merged cells. The data from the excel sheet can be mapped to fields of CaliberAPQR tables, and a pipeline can be created to extract the data into data warehouse. Such data can be reviewed and approved for its correctness to generate APQR.

5. Data Ingestion from Applications like LIMS, SAP, QMS, EMS
The data can be ingested from applications like LIMS, QMS, or EMS. These applications can be from Caliber product suite or any other application. CaliberAPQR has plugins that ingest data from its product suite. It also has configured required RFC to get data from SAP. To ingest data from any other application, CaliberAPQR can interface with API or from a common staging area.

Once the data is mapped and ingested into Data warehouse, APQR for any product, any strength for any month or quarter or year, can be generated.