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Collaboration with Glassco Laboratory Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Caliber proudly announces its recent collaboration with Glassco Laboratory Equipments Pvt. Ltd! Glassco’s QR-LabGlass Smart Flask is world’s first scannable volumetric flask that can be used with CaliberLIMS. This collaboration will further facilitate laboratories to become 100% paperless with Caliber.

In pharma laboratories, experiments and tests heavily rely on the usage of glassware. As substances & experiments change, the type of glassware also changes. To keep a close check on the usage of the right glassware in the right process, CaliberLIMS works with the proprietary QR-LabGlass Smart Flask from Glassco Laboratory Equipments. Glassco produces a wide range of glassware for use in Pharma, with their newest offering being traceable glassware, solely in collaboration with CaliberLIMS.

Problems related to manual maintenance of glassware records, incorrect glassware usage, identifying the right glassware certificate are some of the pain areas usually faced by Pharma companies. CaliberLIMS glassware module in collaboration with Glassco’s QR-LabGlass Smart Flask can simplify these issues conveniently.

Scannable QR-LabGlass Smart Flask with CaliberLIMS


Collaboration for Compliance

CaliberLIMS is a dynamic quality system that ensures digitalization and automation of complete laboratory. CaliberLIMS Glassware Module makes life easy for the QC. With CaliberLIMS Glassware Module, QC can easily find details about glassware type, registration, lot, lot acceptance, issuance, usage, and breakage.

QR-LabGlass Smart Flask in collaboration with CaliberLIMS Glassware Module helps to

  • Present required certificates easily during compliance audits
  • Retrieve individual QR-LabGlass Smart Flask certificates anytime during analysis
  • Check and trace the frequency of usage of any QR-LabGlass Smart Flask
  • Control the usage of specific and appropriate glassware with system alerts and pop-ups
  • Have all inventory reports at your fingertips
  • Act immediately with alerts on breakage, overuse, and low stock of glassware
  • Get discard alerts for overuse of a specific QR-LabGlass Smart Flask
  • Maintain audit trail with complete and clear records

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