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Caliber is at 2nd Annual Pharma Manufacturing & Automation Convention 2019

Recently, Caliber has been part of the 2nd Annual Pharma Manufacturing & Automation Convention 2019 held at Hyderabad on October 17th & 18th. It was indeed a great platform for all the pharma companies and the solution providers to assemble at one place and discuss the theme – From Ideation to Innovation: Aligning with trending market demands.

Mr.Sekhar Surabhi, the CEO of Caliber, was one of the celebrated speakers at the event. He took this opportunity and spoke on the wonderful concept of “Bottle of Truth.” This concept is the main basis around which all the pharma companies work. The “bottle of truth” gives a good insight into the mind of the customer who thinks that medicines and trust are synonymous when certain expectations are met. Pharma companies strive hard to meet such expectations. The data which drives the companies towards their business decisions and solution identification should be strong and trusted. To possess such trusted data, the pharma companies are required to build a good foundation. Sekhar laid emphasis on building such reliable data using different solutions. It would drive the companies towards becoming paperless as well as goal-centric which would, in turn, help the pharma domain achieve the change they intend for.

Sekhar also talked about the various products that Caliber offers and the Integrated Quality Management system that helps in attaining the ensured quality of the products. In particular, Caliber showcased CaliberBRM, an excellent product that helps the pharma companies have good control over the quality of the products as well as the production process. CaliberBRM ensures that there is seamless integration with instruments and ERPs while making it possible to avoid manual errors, reworks, and delays which are very common when the whole batch record management work is done manually. The CaliberBRM’s aim is to drive the companies towards paperless work. The aim every pharma company has, and dreams of.

Sekhar also gave a glimpse of the futuristic ideas such as the inclusion of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that helps the pharma domain to go beyond simple automation. He stated, “A new world is waiting to be explored, and pharma companies should take big strides towards it.”