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    Caliber Expands to Europe with Headquarters in Amsterdam

    Caliber is immensely pleased to announce that it is expanding its presence in Europe. The headquarters of Caliber Technologies B.V. will be in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and will specifically provide support & services to the entire European region.   

    After providing continuous support & services in 15 countries for more than 20 years, Caliber is now setting up a base in Amsterdam to provide channelized support & services to European countries. Caliber provides a wide range of solutions in various categories that are GXP compliant and ensure a seamless digital transformation experience.

    Caliber’s product portfolio includes – 

    • Laboratory (CaliberLIMS) 
    • Manufacturing Suite (CaliberBRM, eLog, IPQC),   
    • Quality Management Platform – EPIQ QMS (Assure-IQ, Docs-IQ, Learn-IQ), and   
    • Data & Insights (Anytime PQR, Dashboards, LabAssistant)   

    With 11+ innovative solutions, Caliber will be able to aid European life science organizations comply with EU and GDPR guidelines that focus on compliance and data integrity.   

    By setting up a new office in the Netherlands, Caliber is gearing up to provide its robust solutions & services to a wider market in Europe. Caliber foresees an exciting future ahead in Europe with its growth and product roadmap.