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    Caliber Adds 2 More Schools to its CSR Wing

    We are pleased to share that Caliber Foundation, Caliber’s Corporate Social Responsibility wing, has adopted two more schools this March. Previously, Caliber adopted three other schools and supported them with infrastructure, computers, and other facilities. This March, the foundation adopted 2 more schools – ZPPH Turangi and ZPPH Gorripudi – to support them with facilities including new benches, sports equipment, storage units, a cycle shed for girl students, and other requirements. The schools now have better facilities that help the students to focus on their education and growth.

    Caliber Foundation team says, “We will put in all our efforts to help schools if we find that they are eligible. Distance or difficulties do not hold us down. Our main criteria for selection of schools is a genuine intent and effort of the school to provide quality education to their students.”

    The foundation chooses schools that show intent and commitment toward the upliftment of children in need. In the case of these 2 schools, the foundation decided to support these two schools on the recommendation of retired Mandal Education Officer, Mr. P.V. Subbarao. After going through the report on the requirements, Caliber Foundation decided to adopt the two schools and made the necessary arrangements.

    Gorripudi ZPPH School has 580 students, of which 280 are girls. They needed a cycle shed to park safely, especially during the rainy season. The current cycle shed did not meet the requirement of parking cycles for all the students. Turangi school has 1000 students. To accommodate students and teachers in the classrooms, they needed benches, tables, chairs, and other basic furnishings. The foundation provided benches, tables, chairs, filing racks, cupboards, and sports equipment. These amenities will help them excel in education and sports.

    Aparna Surabhi, Caliber Foundation Head, was present at the school to inaugurate the new facilities. In her words, “This is an investment in the future of the children – Investment to make them future scientists, future designers, future engineers.” Caliber Foundation plans to adopt 3 more schools this year.