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APQR Award

Caliber has added another feather to its cap by winning the award for “Excellence in Ancillary Pharma Services” on Dec 12th, 2018 at Delhi during the India Pharma Awards 2018. Mr. Sathya Sekhar Surabhi, CEO, Caliber, received the award from Mr. Subodh Priolkar, CEO, Wincoat Colours and Coatings, one of the esteemed jury members for the digital initiative that Caliber envisaged – CaliberQpyramid – PQR.

India Pharma Awards is South-Asia’s largest pharmaceutical event alongside CPhI and P-MEC India, and one platform where visionaries, stalwarts and industry champions from around the globe meet and celebrate the achievements and advances made by the various pharma companies in the pharma sector. This event is organized by UBM plc year-after-year to focus on business, leadership, knowledge, recognition, innovation, and networking in the pharma industry. It is one stage and opportunity for the pharma companies to showcase their mettle and prove their capability. Caliber stands tall by initiating to participate and winning the award which stands as a great boost of encouragement and inspiration to achieve more.

What is CaliberQpyramid?

CaliberQpyramid is, a quality pyramid, a digital initiative taken up by Caliber to make the lives of innumerable people involved in various departments such as Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, ERP, etc. easy by extracting, cleaning and organizing large complex data collected from these departments. This process of collating data is taken up by every pharma company annually. It helps the company heads to assess the product quality. Usually, this whole process of collecting data from individual departments and analyzing it manually takes almost 20 days. However, CaliberQpyramid solves this problem by helping the concerned people to collate the same data for crucial analytics within minutes and when needed. It brings down a huge amount of time and effort involved to do such work.

How does CaliberQpyramid assist in taking crucial decisions?

The Caliber Quality Pyramid (CaliberQpyramid) helps a pharma company in collecting data from various sources, sort the available data, store it, search for applicable data, and perform data analysis work too. Further, CaliberQpyramid also helps in complying with relevant FDA and other regulatory authorities’ compliance guidelines such as 21 CFR part 11, cGMP, APQR, etc. The pharma companies are required to evaluate the quality standard of every product at least once a year to check if the production based on current specifications and records are good or need modification in manufacturing instructions, product specifications, or control procedures. CaliberQpyramid provides the user pharma companies with ready-on-demand analytics that in turn makes the Product Quality Review (PQR) an ongoing and continuous process. Our Caliber product – CaliberQpyramid facilitates the senior management of a pharma company to view the PQR and other reports generated easily and quickly and take necessary decisions on the output quality and efficiency.

As the amount of effort and time spent in extracting information for PQR and subsequent analysis is reduced to minutes from days and necessary support is provided to the primary operation of an organization by CaliberQpyramid, the jury of India Pharma Awards 2018 awarded Caliber with the prestigious award for providing ancillary pharma services. Caliberians are proud of this achievement and are working hard to receive more!