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CaliberLIMS  offers a highly configurable Lab Execution System (LES),seamless bidirectional interface with instruments and SAP/any ERP and an integrated document management repository with industry-first capability of sample dossier preparation.The ability to manage the entire process adhering to 21CFR part11,will make your lab 100% paperless.

With PAT guidelines gathering more importance,sample quality trend has become a necessity and Out of Trend results are to be investigated for the root cause. CaliberLIMS,generates test trend on the fly in comparison to the batch history with built in configurable charting tool.


CaliberLIMS’ modular structure significantly simplifies the laboratory workflow tasks from Sample Login to Certification with traceable authenticity.

At the core is the sample workflow and has 13 modules in plug-and-play mode.

Integration with Laboratory instruments with integrated user & instrument logbooks,  seamless bi-directional integration with CDS, File and Port based instruments with integrated document management with industry-first capability of sample dossier preparation.


CaliberLIMS – Strong Foundation for Solid Growth
Upgrade path as per your needs CaliberXpand to Caliber Enterprise version. Be assured of easy migration of data to the higher version. Your investment will be fully protected.


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